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We are thrilled to announce the LMA 2024 Annual Conference Keynote Speaker, law firm leadership trailblazer Jamie M. Lawless, Chief Executive at Husch Blackwell.


An Uncommon Story How One Trailblazer Went All In

Explore the uncommon story of Husch Blackwell Chief Executive Jamie M. Lawless. She is a compassionate and optimistic leader who embodies the philosophy of ALL IN. Jamie is a trailblazing professional (without a law degree), and she will share her unique perspective and strategic understanding of the legal industry, how to disrupt established patterns to provide cutting-edge approaches for clients, and how to reinforce the value of professional staff.

Jamie’s work is informed by a dual focus: creating uncommon and exceptional client experiences and developing operational approaches that build and enhance cross-office, cross-disciplinary collaboration. In that work and throughout her career, she has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to build professional brands grounded in consistently excellent client service—from office to office and practice to practice—on an international basis. She has long recognized relationships as the critical factor in her success as a leader in the profession and consistently builds personal relationships through an authentic style that emphasizes listening to and understanding others.

Jamie will share her valuable insights and will engage in a fireside chat with Kevin Iredell, President of LMA and Chief Marketing Officer of Lowenstein Sandler, in this keynote session. Her expertise and unique career journey will leave you inspired and ready to take your own professional journey to new heights.

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Meet Jamie M. Lawless

Over the course of a 25-year career in the professional services industry, Jamie has developed a keen awareness that client service and satisfaction are the foundation of any firm’s success. She has routinely been tasked with envisioning, building, and implementing service delivery models that challenge existing approaches and that drive institutional excellence.

As Husch Blackwell’s chief executive, Jamie works side by side with firm leadership to guide the firm’s strategic direction and operations. As chief executive, Jamie directs and oversee the overall performance, profitability, and finances of the firm, leading more than 2,000 partners, attorneys, and business professionals. She will implement and execute the firm’s existing three-year strategic plan and play a principal role in the next strategic planning cycle. Jamie leads all of the firm’s management and administrative departments and also oversees the initiatives and strategies implemented at the business-unit level by the firm’s six business units.

Before joining Husch Blackwell, Jamie spent a decade at Baker McKenzie, where she built from the ground up a business and alternative legal services center that served each of that firm’s 74 offices across 45 countries. During her tenure there, Jamie held many leadership roles, including chief operating officer for offices in Washington and New York, two of the country’s leading legal markets, while leading global modernization projects and earning the trust of lawyers, which enabled her to serve on the firm’s Global Leadership Team, Global Risk Committee, and North America Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Committee.