Giving Back at LMA24

Giving Back: Our Opening Session will feature San Diego's Voices of Our City Choir, offering hope and support for the community's unsheltered.

We're proud to support the Voices of Our City Choir, creating a safe, creative community for San Diego’s unsheltered neighbors through music and arts! How can LMA24 attendees support/participate? Donate by scanning the QR code below to support this wonderful organization.

Voices of Our City Choir Donation QR code                                      

The Voices of Our City Choir began out on the street: communing and connecting around music. Six years later, dignity remains the entry into, and experience within, our Choir. In 2022, we expanded our services and introduced new offerings. Voices’ outreach team built relationships with neighbors living outdoors, extending personal invitations to visit our site for a hot shower (a new partnership with Humanity Showers). Our Member Services support the journey towards permanent housing by connecting Members to essential resources. Our safe, sober community also offers workshops to build self-esteem, and opportunities to nurture creativity and our Choir Members develop renewed hope, personal empowerment and the life skills to achieve their goals.

Consider a donation while you're at the conference (or now!).